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Massillon WebWorks offers professional small business email solutions, offering secure, domain-specific email addresses that enhance your professional image and brand credibility. Our encrypted communication ensures your privacy, while our reliable service guarantees accessibility from any device, anywhere. With personalized support and tailored packages, Massillon WebWorks is the perfect partner for small businesses seeking a trusted and sophisticated email service to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

Email Hosting

Custom email addresses and secure, reliable email communication management separate from free webmail sites or web hosting solutions.

Email Migration

Move from that unsecure, free email solution to professional and secure hosting. Or move from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, or vice versa.

File Sharing

Securely store, sync, and share files amongst your team members and even with clients. Get file syncing included with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

Email Marketing

Email newsletter solutions to keep all of your customers up to date and in the know about your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn't I use free email for my business?

Using free personal email services for business correspondence can undermine your professional credibility, as customers may perceive a lack of seriousness compared to a custom domain email.

Additionally, these personal accounts often lack the advanced security features and technical support necessary to protect sensitive business information and ensure reliable communication.

How much does professional email cost?

At Massillon WebWorks, we work with multiple email hosting providers to offer the best fit of a solution for each business’s need.

We can provide professional email hosting for almost any budget. Contact us today for more information.

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